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      When creating Moana Bay one of the first things we decided on was that we wanted to be a business that gives back. After researching the best charities and ways to give back we landed on an issue that we've experienced first hand and is currently out of control, this problem is ocean plastic. 
      Plastic is currently suffocating our oceans and killing marine life, we were shocked to learn the actual extent of the damage being caused. Instantly we started reaching out to non profit charities wanting to help through the launch of Moana Bay.
      We decided to partner with an amazing company called the RESEA project, they are on a mission to remove tons of ocean plastic every year, not only that they also employ many people in Indonesia to go out and collect the plastic on behalf of companies like us, this provides valuable income to those people and there family. 
      Our Plastic Pledge 
      After speaking to their team, the RESEA project outlined the cost involved with removing and recycling ocean plastic and we managed to come to an agreement where for every sale we get we will pay using part of the profits to have 1kg of plastic currently floating around the ocean removed and recycled! 
      Many companies make small pledges or donations which is still great but we wanted to go BIG! If we are successful Moana Bay could account for tons of plastic being removed from our oceans and help employ many more locals, but we can't do this alone we need your help and support.